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How Ranking High In Friends Feeds Increases Your Snap Chat Views

It is common in any social media site for one to start viewing stories that have been recently updated before getting to the older ones. This is the same with snap chat views. Most people will view the stories that appear first on their story line. You thus need to work at being first on the stories feeds of your friends. At times people do not get to very old updates on their feeds.

When your friends have too many friends, they may never see your snap stories if they are not at the top. You can get them at the top by adding or updating your story regularly throughout the day. As yours will be among the stories updated the latest, they will get to see them earlier. You can create a time interval to do this such as each two hours or less.

Gaining additions to your story will also keep you at the top. Get snap chat views by engaging people and asking them what they think. You can also engage the people other than you in the story and get them to contribute. You could also ask them to snap you their reactions. This will eventually turn out to be fun for you.