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How Ranking High In Friends Feeds Increases Your Snap Chat Views

It is common in any social media site for one to start viewing stories that have been recently updated before getting to the older ones. This is the same with snap chat views. Most people will view the stories that appear first on their story line. You thus need to work at being first on the stories feeds of your friends. At times people do not get to very old updates on their feeds.

When your friends have too many friends, they may never see your snap stories if they are not at the top. You can get them at the top by adding or updating your story regularly throughout the day. As yours will be among the stories updated the latest, they will get to see them earlier. You can create a time interval to do this such as each two hours or less.

Gaining additions to your story will also keep you at the top. Get snap chat views by engaging people and asking them what they think. You can also engage the people other than you in the story and get them to contribute. You could also ask them to snap you their reactions. This will eventually turn out to be fun for you.

Quick Ways to Get Automatic Likes

Likes are what sharing is to Facebook. They are encouraging and inspiring to any avid twitter user. In fact, most people who get likes on their every post tend to tweet more than those with fewer likes. However, getting people to like your posts regularly is not easy. Sometimes even a please like message doesn’t work, which is why you should constantly learn new ways to post things that keep your followers interested in you. So, start by being informative. Post regularly about informative, inspirational or simply funny things. And never at one time compromise on credibility, quality or accuracy of your information if you want to keep seeing the automatic likes.

As for language, blend in the style of the community your tweet to. This is very important. We live in a highly integrated world, and not all of us share similar backgrounds. As such, be mindful of the language and tone that you use. Avoid using the ‘I’ pronoun so often. It sometimes sounds selfish and no one would love to like self-aggrandizing posts. Finally, always keep it easy to read. Be straight forward and clear in your posts at all times.

Instagram Views: Go Emotional

Having an Instagram page for your business is all about growing that page. You want to make sure that you get a many Instagram video views and Instagram views on images that you post as often as possible. After all, each and every one of these views is a potential customer to buy products and services. Yet, throwing anything up on the page will not work in today’s every-increasing technologically savvy world. While nothing is fail safe and human behavior can turn on a dime, there are trends in what people respond to and going emotional is among the best strategies.

Emotional content drives individuals to become instantaneously involved in a page. From happiness to sadness, emotional videos and images create a desire among viewers that encourages them to get involved, give money, or buy a product or service, whatever the content may call for. Virtually every business has some aspect of emotion in their business. Whether it is a product that is meant to create a feeling of safety where vulnerability once existed, an athletic company that facilitates dreams on the field becoming a reality, or any other type of business, there is always the opportunity to make an emotional plea. If you have an Instagram page for your business, then, consider utilizing an emotional video on your page.


Are you a twitter user? Great! Let us get started. Well, as it is well known to you, getting very many twitter followers is not something that is easily achieved each and every day and especially if you are just an ordinary person in society. It goes without saying that it is most celebrities and the great politicians of our time that enjoy the lion’s share of twitter followers and as a result, they have become very popular not even in reality but also on social media too. Well, if you are that kind of person who is looking forward towards becoming famous too, you might want to pay keen attention while reading this.

Well, the secret is quite simple. You only need to be very active on twitter and you will be surprised that day by day, the numbers of followers are gradually increasing. You need to keep posting tweets on your handle on a regular basis and not just posting tweets aimlessly. It would be in your best interest to post tweets that have content that is of public relevance and significance. That way, people will be intrigued and will develop an urge to know you better and will end up following you. You only need to remain relevant to your social circle.


Are you a twitter user? If the answer to that question is yes, then you might as well want to know how exactly you can benefit from your account. Well, there being very many twitter users across the world, it would be only fitting that people should have equally many twitter followers as well. However, that has not been the case and only few people have actually made it to enjoy the lion’s share of followers across the social media platform. Well, getting many followers on twitter is certainly not something that is a walk in the park and for those people who have actually achieved it can attest to the benefits that they relish by virtue of having a huge following.

So what exactly are the benefits of having many twitter followers? Well, there are quite numerous. First and foremost, one gets to enjoy being popular and famous across the social media network. Twitter being one of the leading used social media platforms across the globe, by having very many followers on twitter, you get to become very famous and indeed well know across the network. For a wise individual, you can use this exposure to your advantage by doing social media advertising which could fetch you an income.


For many business persons, you will agree with me that promoting your business could present one with a very huge challenge and experience for that matter. As some would deem it to be very easy, getting to sell out and market your business out there to people is an uphill task. In fact, for those who have thrived in marketing, you will agree with me that it is not a bed of roses and one would have to put in a great deal of commitment and determination to ensure that the marketing strategy adopted is very effective. So which is the most effective and at the same time efficient mode of marketing in which you could use to sell out a business to as many people as possible.

Well, social media happens to be the best approach that you could use to realize that and social media platforms such as twitter are very idea and come in very handy. If you have a twitter account, you could actually use it to use it as a marketing avenue to market your business and promote it. If people like it and are interested, you will in turn receive a couple of twitter followers and very many twitter likes. These twitter likes are very important because they make a statement of how significant the business is and if people get to see that it is well liked, they build a certain interest on the business.

Calling all Podcasters!

Looking for a new way to gain listeners? How about advertising! Look no further. SoundCloud is the one-stop site for podcast enthusiasts!

With social media sites growing more popular everyday, a great place to increase an audience is through exposure on the internet! With the abundance of digital media out there today, the internet is more accessible than ever. And SoundCloud is the hottest place for music enthusiasts and podcasters alike!

It’s simple to create an account, and check this out: a basic account is free! It allows users to upload up to 3 hours of content. If you are a die-hard podcaster and would like more advanced options, they offer service tiers at varying rates.

Once a user starts to get a regular audience, they will start to gain SoundCloud Followers and SoundCloud Likes. This will help grow their listening audience as word gets out about the podcast. Listeners can leave comments and feedback.

Members can link their account to their other social media sites as well as network with other podcasters and connect with fans across the world. it’s that easy. Sign up for a SoundCloud today and get connected!

Use SoundCloud to raise awareness for nonprofit organizations

Nonprofits are looking for new and innovative ways to promote their organization. Social media is a great way for nonprofits to advocate their affiliations. This will raise awareness and help boost donations. Social Cloud is the optimum platform for small businesses and nonprofits to have a voice.

The best part about this is that there is no fee for a basic account which allows users to create a profile page and even upload up to 3 hours of audio footage at no cost. Creating podcasts is a great way for nonprofits to increase their support and raise awareness on a more global level.

A podcast doesn’t have to be fancy. Just simply talk about the purpose and goals of the non-profit; just try to make it catchy and informative. Once a podcast starts receiving SoundCloud Likes, it will make it more visible and this will help the nonprofits user profile accumulate more SoundCloud Followers. More followers means more awareness and more awareness will help raise more funds.

The fact that there are no overhead costs is a definite plus for nonprofits. And SoundCloud is easy to use. There are apps available for mobile and portable devices that make adding new content to a profile simple as the click of a button.

Twitter Language: Unraveling the Mystery of Retweets, Tweets, and More

When it comes to Twitter, the language is important to know and understand. Like any other platform that relies on a knowledge of information and of the system itself, there is a jargon that is very much interesting and unique to this particular social media outlet. Among the words that you need to know are tweet and bit links. The following explains more about each of these different categories of social media in interactions and why they matter to this site.

Tweets are essentially any bit of information that you share on this site. Every time you post, you are actually tweeting. The limit on the number of characters makes it pretty interesting and relies on user creative to minimize the number of characters used so that an individual can still get their message across. This takes some savvy and it definitely takes some creativity but, when a post is good, it can be retweeted time and time again. These retweets actually allow for notoriety and page growth, that is why many choose to utilize services that provide automatic retweet so that they can get their page noticed across time. This is also why they use bit links—shortened links—in tweets so that redirection back to a page is possible.

Why Twitter Matters: From Retweets and Beyond

Twitter is a growing network. It has millions of users around the world. What started off as a way for users and individuals to communicate in quick little snippets of information, has now become a means of sharing much more. There are news outlets and different organizations that are utilizing the site in a way that has broken boundaries of what even Twitter thought it was capable of. Therefore, if you are working on an internet marketing scheme or planning for an organization, Twitter is a platform that cannot and should not be ignored.

Twitter provides access to individuals in quick bursts. That is to say that they allow individuals to share information and data through short paragraphs of information that range under two-hundred characters. Known as Tweets, these can build a large following by getting retweeted time and again. Retweets as they are known can take on a viral aspect. Automatic retweet are so important that sometimes, individuals and businesses are actually buying them rather than wait on the natural process to occur. If you notice that your page or account is getting a great deal of tweets being shared again and again, then, consider that you are doing something right.

How to Get an Automatic Retweet from your Favorite Celebrity

What better way would you like to start your morning than to see your tweet retweeted several times before you head on to work. And better yet, how would you feel if your favorite celebrity retweeted your message? You would probably spend the better part of that day telling your colleagues about it. Most people, whether they admit it or not, would also want a retweet from a rapper or a Hollywood star. Unfortunately, it feels impossible to get a celebrity to recognize your tweets. But can you do it?

Compliment the Rapper

If your favorite celebrity just changed their hairstyle, compliment them about it. Be one of the first people to make the compliment via twitter and you could be in for a surprise automatic retweet.  If the actress loses weight, compliment them about it. Actually, you could make a compliment about anything, but ensure it is something the celebrity would consider to retweet. If you don’t get any attention in your first few tries, don’t worry, though. The celebrities receive thousands of tweets from fans, but the good thing is that they are ever self-conscious. As such, she or he will scroll a few tweets they receive every day and react mostly to tweets that revolve around compliments.

Tell them you just bought their New Album

Want to get a retweet from a rapper? Simply send them a tweet saying you bought their latest album and you liked it. Chances are that the rapper will retweet and thank you as soon as they see your message. After all, you just promoted their music through your testimonial. Note however that you don’t have to tell them a lie. Why would you want to get an automatic retweet from someone whose latest album sucks!  Only say you loved the album if you really did love the music. Tell them you are their number one fan if only you love their music. That way, you will even feel proud once they retweet your message.

Include in your Tweet where you come from

When you send a tweet saying how you love the celebrity’s work, include where you come from. This increases your chances of getting the automatic retweet almost more than anything else. It also increases your chances of getting more retweets and likes from other fans of that celebrity. Note however that if you dearly want to get the retweet, tell them you are a fan from abroad. It has always worked. Just tell the Atlanta based rapper for instance you their biggest rapper from Paris, Spain or any other abroad country.

Send them a Unique Top of the Line Message

Instead of simply making a compliment about their looks; tell the celebrity how their music changed your life. The goal after all is to get the attention of your favorite celebrity despite how busy they may be. With that in mind, be unique and craft your message in a way that the celebrity will immediately spot your tweet and retweet it.